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I like the sea: we understand one another. It is always yearning, sighing for something it cannot have; and so am I.

Greta Garbo, (picture Show Magazine Interview, 1927)

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You guys have been leaving gifts, right?

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Anonymous sent: Hello butt anon rises from the grave but butt anon approves not only your booty but everything else too you gorgeous person.

[[Haha thank you, butt anon!]]

Nik: -nonchalantly sharpens her swords- …if they giving you trouble…

[[Yes, yes, I know—you’ll have their heads.]]

Nik: Good. We’re at an understanding!

//STOP BEING GORGEOUS that is all. Also that sash is gorgeous!

[[BAH thank you! Q//u//Q!!!!]]


I don’t know if it’s the tablet or photoshop but all lines were very sharp so this looks a bit wierd qkdjflkf BUT HEY LONG TIME NO SEE TALL SKINNY FROZEN BOY